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I’m new to QR Codes. What should I know?

Glad you asked! Here’s a few basics to get you started.

Quick Response or QR Codes are the old yet helpful technology introduced back in 1994 by a Japanese company. At first, it was created to track car parts easily in Japan.

However, the idea was later adopted in several other sectors. Currently, users are taking advantage of this technology to track Text, Photographs, Phone numbers, payments, and many other things. It helps the user create content and transfer it to as many people as possible by providing them a code. Since transferring the data is time-consuming and tough, the QR-code makes it easier and more effective.

  • QR Codes are good to Use for Marketing or Advertising Campaigns.
  • People can Easily Locate a Business with the Help of a QR Code.
  • Paying bills without taking Cash along with yourself is also possible with QR codes.
  • Download a video, Text, SMS, or anything Digital is also possible with QR Codes.
  • Shopping in a physical store or e-commerce platform is also possible with QR codes.

In the past, there were preferable devices available to Scan the QR Codes. Therefore, the usage of these QR Codes was minimal. However, the launch of Smartphones in the market has made a lot of things easier. Now, you can easily install the QR-code Scanner app on your smartphone and easily perform the scanning of QR codes.

Else, the new Smartphones also comes with a built-in Scanning option in the Camera section. So you can check out your mobile to identify either it’s available or not.

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Are QR Codes Free?

In the Past, QR Codes were not free to use depending upon their usage, which is rare. Also, the QR Code generation was not as easier as it is in the current times. Therefore, you can use the QR Codes for free.

If you want to generate a QR Code for free that is reliable to use, then would be the platform that can offer genuine benefits. Even using it as a free tool, you will get the maximum amount of facilities.

How Do I Create A Free QR Code?

At, you can create easy to use QR Code without paying a single penny. But wait, you must understand the procedure to create the Free QR Codes. And below, we will tell you about it through the steps.

Select the Type:

In the QR Code Type section, you will see the following: PDF, MP3, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Location, Wi-Fi, SMS, Email, Text, and Website. Now, all you need is to select the desired Type.

Enter the Details:

After you have selected the desired type, the next thing would be to enter the details. In the Details, you have to follow everything as mentioned. Let's say you are generating a QR Code for Facebook; you must enter the following details.


In the last step, you must click the Generate QR Code Button. Meanwhile, you can see a section on the right-hand side where the final documentation will appear in the QR Format. From there, you can easily download the QR code and use it for various purposes.

Do QR Codes Expire?

QR code doesn’t expire and can be used forever; that’s the best thing about QR Code. At, you can create the QR Code for free and use it for a long time. In other words, you will use it without worrying about the Expiration date. But, you won’t change the format of the QR code that has been generated in the past.

What Information can be Stored in QR Code?

With QR Codes, you can get versatility in storing the raw data into meaningful information. If you have already created some information and want to store it in the QR Code, you can also do it. Let's say you have created some personas, you can easily convert them into the QR code form, and the other would easily scan it to get the details.

Can I Use the QR Code For Printing?

The QR Codes are useful for printing. Let's say you want to promote the business or company; you would use the QR Code images by printing them on the Displaying ads, T-Shirts, Cups, Flyers, Cards, or anything else. Apart from printing it on the objects or products, you can use it in the Digital format on mobile applications, websites, or anywhere else to promote the business or company.

The only thing that you need to care about is the quality of the QR Code. The QR code must be printed with high resolution on the card, page, or anything else. If it comes within low quality, the other person would not easily scan the code, and its purpose of printing would go to waste


Can a Smart Phone Reads or Scan the QR codes?

In the past, QR Codes were only read or scanned through the help of QR scanner tools, which weren’t supposed to be used by anyone. However, just as the usage of QR codes has increased, supporting scanning applications have also been launched to read or scan the QR codes.

Yes, we are talking about the QR Code scanning mobile applications you can install on various types of Smartphones such as iphone, Samsung, Infinix, or else. Now, you need to open the application on the mobile phone and then scan the QR code to read out the information.

Within the application, you must set up the application settings for reading the QR codes without any hurdles.

Can QR Codes be Scanned on Smartphones without any Application?

For the old model smartphone users, installing the QR code scanner application onto the mobile phone is important. With the help of the application, it can be easier for the user to scan the code.

However, the latest technology smartphone variants are coming up with additional features to the camera section. It has built-in functionalities, allowing the person to scan the QR Code without installing any app directly. So, the answer to this question would be yes.

Are QR Codes useful for Commercial or Personal Purposes?

QR codes are very important no matter what is the major purpose behind them. If you plan to use it for personal purposes, you can consider it a useful option. Similarly, using QR codes for commercial purposes is as important or useful for you as anything else. Therefore, you shouldn’t consider its usage for specific things.

What is a Dynamic and Static QR Code?

Starting from the Dynamic QR code, it works flexibly and provides the opportunity to be virtually indestructible. On the other hand, the Static QR code tends to be the one that was created in the past and can’t be changed or edited. Also, the scans are not traceable in the static QR code.

If you have created a dynamic QR code in the past, you can easily update its content. Whatever you want to include in the QR code, you can do it effortlessly. Moreover, the numbers of scans are also traceable in the dynamic versions of the QR code.

Does QR Code have to be in Black and White Color?

It’s not mandatory to use the black and white color QR code and assume that it will only work for you. Instead, you can use whatever color of QR code you want or need to use. If your company has a specific color theme, you can create the QR code in the same color to market your company. It would look outstanding with the whole theme.

EbarCode Mobile Application:

If you are considering installing a QR code Generator or Scanner on your mobile phone, EbarCode mobile application has been launched by Jahasoft.PK is a notable software house in Balochistan.

You can type the EbarCode along with Jahasoft on the search bar of the Google Play Store. As a result, you will see the application on the screen with a blue QR code logo.

After installing the app on your android smartphone, you need to open the application and scan whatever QR code comes in front of you. The best thing about using EbarCode mobile application is that you can use it anywhere and anytime without any hurdles.

The features in the EbarCode mobile application are numerous. Therefore, you will find it enjoyable and interesting QR code scanner and generator application.

Apart from QR code generation and scanning, the EbarCode mobile application is useful for scanning the barcode. Yes, it offers full support for Barcodes similarly, just like the QR codes.

Difference Between EbarCode website Tool and the Mobile Application:

Starting from the Website, you can consider it a tool that can only generate QR codes for you. There are different types of QR codes that you can generate within the website, as we have mentioned earlier.

Apart from that, The EbarCode mobile application is an advanced level thing for the user. With the mobile application, you are capable of performing a variety of tasks that is related to QR code and Barcode. You are not only limited to generating the QR or Barcode generation, but the application also allows you to scan the QR Codes, which is outstanding.

Is EbarCode Safe to Use?

JahaSoft Ltd is a well-known Software Company in Balochistan that has worked hard to launch this tool in mobile and website form. It’s a registered software company in Pakistan and outside Pakistan. Therefore, all of the features you tend to use via Ebarcode are safe.

If we talk about QR code generation, you have to upload your personal information on the website or application so it can generate the QR code. When you put the personal information, you have a gut feeling about whether it's safe to upload the information or not. In general, it's justifiable that you had that feeling; however, Barcode is the platform where you don’t have to worry about anything. Anything you upload on its mobile application or website is secure and not useable by the third party or Barcode employee.

Does the EbarCode Website Version Work on all Browsers?

The EbarCode website tool is easy to use in all the browsers like Safari, FireFox, Chrome, Opera Mini, and Internet explorer. However, you need to ensure that the browser you are using needs to accepts the modern HTML5 capabilities. In this way, you can easily use the EbarCode on all browsers without any hurdles.

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