Generate Location Barcode Online

What is a Location QR Code Generator?

Location QR Code generator is a tool that can help you create a QR Code for a specific type of Locations for different usages. Here, the location source for you would be the Google Map; however, you don’t have to put the entire link to the QR code generator to create the QR code. All you need is to specify the longitude and latitude of the Location along with putting the exact address. In return, you can get a QR code that can be shareable to any platform where you want a person to Use it for whatever purposes. The best thing about a Location QR code generator is that it’s free to use. You don’t have to spend the money to create a QR code for yourself, which is quite amazing.

Why would you convert a Location into QR Code?

Let say you are planning to host a party in your home; there might be many friends or family members who haven’t visited your home in their whole life. Or, you are planning it somewhere else, which is unknown to many people. In some cases, it would be possible that you have just started a business and many clients want to visit you, but they don’t know about the address.

If they don’t know about it, then there is a big problem behind it. Therefore, you should educate them by taking the best medium to let them understand the location. In that case, transforming the Location into a QR code would be an outstanding option.

Telling everybody about the location and guiding them to come to the right place would be a hectic task for sure. Therefore, it would also let you in various troubles, which is hard to negotiate or consider. But, you can make good use of QR Codes to convert the location in the easiest way for others. In simple words, you only need to convert the QR code once and later share it with friends on What Sapp or whatever medium to easily scan the code with the help of a mobile scanner to get the information of the location.

The same idea could be applied to major other things as per the needs. For example, it’s not like you only need to share the location for your home or business address. There might be many other places you want to let others come. Therefore, you can make good use of the QR Code to transform the address and make it useful for yourself.

Other Usages of Location QR Code Generator:

Wedding Invitations:

Creating Wedding Invitations cards and then sending them manually to every person in the family or friends would be a hectic task. But now, you can easily design a card depending upon the design patterns you want and then use the location QR Code on the Card to easily let other people know about the address. In this way, they can easily get the idea of where you have invited them by scanning the code, and then they can easily put the details onto the Google map to get the live location.

If you are sending digital cards, then it’s good to paste them along with the card. However, you can use the same QR code by pasting it to the envelope of the Wedding invitation card and then use it for a purpose.

On Concert/Events Tickets:

Make the Event or concert Ticket procedure easier for yourself by printing as many tickets as you can with a Location QR code pasted on one end of it. Then, mention that it’s the details of the venue so that the person can easily scan the code and get it on time at the right location.

On Tourist booklets:

You can use the Location QR codes on the Tourist booklets by printing different outstanding location information to help any tourist visit. Moreover, you can put the new deal inside the QR code to grab as many customers like it.

How to Create a Location QR Code using

First of all, is a free platform that you can easily convert the locations into the QR Code format for various purposes.

If we talk about creating a location QR Code using, you have to first hover to the official website. There, you will see the feature named locations on the home page. Then, click on the feature to open the desired functions. Now, enter the Address along with the Latitude and longitude into the information box. After that, all you need is to click on the Generate QR button available in blue.

By doing these steps, you will see that a code will generate for you on the right-hand side. It will be a fresh code for the data you have entered in the information box. Now, all you have to do is click on the Download or embed it to the website button. It will give you the data depending upon instant or backup usages. The best part here is that the code never expires till your whole life; therefore, you can use it for future purposes as well.

Why should you use the Location QR code Generator of is a QR Code generator platform, which Jahasoft developed. The platform is reliable and 100% result-oriented because Jahasoft is a well-known Software company in Pakistan. They have made this platform with the help of experienced developers, designers, and other IT-related people working in the company. Everything is developed from scratch, which gives every user a reason to use it without any hurdles.

The primary reason people don’t use QR code generators is that personal data or information is compromised. However, using this tool would never make any issues for you related to private data, which is a fantastic thing. After using the tool, you can easily create the Location QR Code without worrying about personal data theft. There are some protocols set by the creators of this tool who even don’t allow the staff members to get the data of any user.