How QR Code for SMS Works on Ebarcode?

What is an SMS QR code Generator?

As you already know, SMS stands for Short message service used by mobile devices to communicate with each other. Also, the same service is used for promotions purposes. Therefore, it has a strong influence on the life of anyone who wants to promote anything they want within their area of mobile users or any other targeted area.

In terms of QR Codes for SMS, you can consider the SMS QR code generator as a tool that can quickly transform a minimum of 160 characters for promotional purposes. In other words, it helps you to create a code for an SMS that you want to send to specific phone numbers. In return, the user who will get the QR code can easily read out the text messages on their mobile phone. That’s the primary usage of an SMS QR code generator.

How long should a Text Message be for a QR Code?

Usually, there are limits of 160 characters specified by various QR code generator services available on the internet. However, is an outstanding platform to transform an SMS without any limits into QR codes quickly. Therefore, it would be a good option for you to use this platform to convert an SMS into a QR code easily.

What are the Important Reasons to Use an SMS QR Code generator?

With every feature, there are certain benefits that a user can acquire. Hence, the QR code generator for SMS purposes also has some benefits available for you. So, let’s talk about them.


The first and most outstanding reason to use the SMS QR code generator is free. You don’t need to pay a single penny to anyone for creating these codes. In the past, it would be impossible to create these codes for free. But now,, along with other platforms, tends to provide it for free.

It doesn’t require an internet connection:

Normally, the advanced services tend to come with a mandatory internet connection to access any information. But, the SMS QR code generator is an advanced technology that has nothing to do with the Internet.

A user who wants to scan the code doesn’t need to first connect the mobile with the internet until or unless it’s available in a working state. As a result, you will see that the client-side will automatically detect the SMS QR Code. So, it will be an exceptional thing for everyone.

Enhanced communication:

With an SMS QR Code generator, you can easily make the whole communication quiet, enhanced, and improved for yourself. For example, whenever to purchase any product or service, every customer would give an honest suggestion or feedback to the service providers. Therefore, adding a QR code containing some SMS into the promotional material or Packaging will attract the customer to give suggestions or feedback by scanning it.

Good for Marketing:

Another outstanding option to use the SMS QR Code generator is to use it for marketing purposes. Yes, you have to create the code and paste it on different shops or areas where you know the ideal customers live. Then, all you need to do is put some information that asks the person to scan the code and get to know something special. The moment they scan it, a message will pop up on their screen in the form of SMS, which will help promotional purposes.

How can you use an SMS QR Code Generator of

Step 1: The first step will be to input your information. For that, you have to visit the official website and look for the SMS Feature. After finding the feature, click on it. Now, put the number of characters you want to transform into QR Code form.

Step 2: After putting the information in, the next step will be to generate the code. For that, you will see a box below the Input section bar in blue color that will contain the text “Generate Code.” Click on the button and wait for the QR Code to generate.

Step 3: Look upon the QR Code that has been generated on the right-hand side. Below the QR Code, you will see two options such as Embed or Download. For later purpose usage, you can download the QR code into the Laptop or PC. However, the Embed option is slightly helpful to use in the meantime.

Effective Uses of SMS QR Code Generator:

Business and Companies:

You want to launch a product or service as a business or company; therefore, you want to spread it to as many people as you want. In that situation, using an SMS QR code generator would be an ideal option for you to choose. It comes with so many benefits to promote the Company and business for you in an easy way.

For Restaurants:

Restaurants are now using the QR code services to make the payment methods due to the COVID-19 situations where it’s hard for the customers to dine in. In that case, you can easily promote some good deals via SMS through the same QR Code Generator. Hence, the person paying the amount will get to know about other services, and they can easily share it with others.

For Event Promotions:

Let say you are running an event management service; the people living in your targeted market have to know pretty much about you. In that case, using an SMS QR code generator can become a handy tool for you.

Why use the SMS QR Code Generator Service of

You will get as many services online that provide you a free SMS QR code generator options for whatever needs. But, there are no valid reasons for you to get those services in a safe environment. So, yes, the privacy concerns are a lot with such services that you should never neglect.

With, you don’t have to worry about anything when considering making a QR code for SMS purposes. Jahasoft owns the, a well-known software company providing digital solutions to a list of b2b and b2c customers quite effectively. The company is registered and has an extensive amount of employees who are competent in the market. Therefore, you will never have to face any security issues with Also, everything you will get on this platform will bring you quality and reliability, which is another essential aspect to consider.