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I’m new to QR Codes. What should I know?

Glad you asked! Here’s a few basics to get you started.

Quick Response or QR Codes are the old yet helpful technology introduced back in 1994 by a Japanese company. At first, it was created to track car parts easily in Japan.

However, the idea was later adopted in several other sectors. Currently, users are taking advantage of this technology to track Text, Photographs, Phone numbers, payments, and many other things. It helps the user create content and transfer it to as many people as possible by providing them a code. Since transferring the data is time-consuming and tough, the QR-code makes it easier and more effective.

  • QR Codes are good to Use for Marketing or Advertising Campaigns.
  • People can Easily Locate a Business with the Help of a QR Code.
  • Paying bills without taking Cash along with yourself is also possible with QR codes.
  • Download a video, Text, SMS, or anything Digital is also possible with QR Codes.
  • Shopping in a physical store or e-commerce platform is also possible with QR codes.

In the past, there were preferable devices available to Scan the QR Codes. Therefore, the usage of these QR Codes was minimal. However, the launch of Smartphones in the market has made a lot of things easier. Now, you can easily install the QR-code Scanner app on your smartphone and easily perform the scanning of QR codes.

Else, the new Smartphones also comes with a built-in Scanning option in the Camera section. So you can check out your mobile to identify either it’s available or not.

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